Composite Part Manufacturing


With composite 3D printing and hybrid fabrication processes, we offer end-to-end manufacturing services  in an extremely lesser lead time with high precision and quality.


With a dedicated design team, at Fabheads, we work with our clients to help them with design optimization and analysis as well. Collaborate with us and let’s explore a whole new range of design possibilities!


With the end-to-end partnership, we bring your ideas to market, taking them through design, DFM, prototyping, quality assurance and manufacturing stages.

Applications / Use Cases

Catering to a wide range of industries where light weighting and high performance are of utmost importance

Manufacturing Services

Fabheads offers customized hybrid processes – combining the power, precision and flexibility of Composite 3D printing with the time-tested traditional fabrication processes, we effectively create one overall fabrication process blueprint to make that part perfect – be it in strength, precision and cost effectiveness!


Quick POC or MVP of your product

Hybrid Manufacturing

Combine multiple materials for your product

Mass Manufacturing

Take the product to market in large volumes

Design Services

Design and CAD & FEA

Quick design and analysis assistance to bring your product to fabrication stage

Design For Manufacturing

Make your designs manufacturable with composites

Metal to Composites

Convert your metal designs to composites

With more than a decade industry experience in composite design, Fabheads helps you take your ideas or designs to the fabrication stage. Our design services come packaged with our versatile manufacturing technologies, which gives rise to endless possibilities

Partner With Fabheads

Choose the partnership model that best suits you

Design Partner

Fabheads’ dedicated team of experienced engineers will be happy to assist and take your designs to the next level. Our team has over a decade of experience in composite FE Analysis and DFM. Be it to help optimize for strength or for weight or performance or lifetime, our team will take you there. 

Let’s explore the world of design possibilities that comes composite 3D printing, together!

Prototyping Partner

If you are in the space of design and development involving composite parts, Fabheads is your perfect prototyping partner! Fabheads’ in-house technologies like composite 3D printing and mold-free fabrication will come extremely handy to make quick and precise prototypes!

Production Partner

Fabheads, armed with a series of state-of-the-art 3D printers and hybrid manufacturing schemes, cater to a wide range of industries as Production Partner. Collaborate with us to explore a new age of high-quality, high-precision, high strength part fabrication with extremely lesser lead times!

End-to-End Development Partner​

Bring your idea to us, and let us do the rest. Being an end-to-end development partner, you get all the Design, prototyping, DFM and manufacturing expertise from Fabheads. You walk in with your idea, and we take care of the rest. 

 Collaborate with us and let your ideas take flight ! 

Case Study

Ready to partner with Fabheads for your next amazing product ?