Carbon Fiber LRU Trays


Carbon Fiber LRU Trays

Light and Strong

Fabheads specializes in standard Line replacement unit (LRU) trays, as well as custom-made trays, for military aircrafts, providing customers the essential flexibility to accommodate system requirements. Our trays are light- weight carbon fiber products that provide an overall weight gain of several kgs to the aircraft.

Our FHLRU 401 trays are designed with Carbon Fiber for minimum weight and maximum fatigue life. Front hold-down location, aft locators and other critical dimensions conform to client specifications.


Static load specification – 11 kg

Acceleration – 17.5 g vertical | 13.5 g longitudinal | 6.5 g lateral

Shock (Half sine) – 50 g vertical | 22 g lateral & longitudinal

Weight – < 0.5 kg

Base dimension (mm) – 410 ✕ 185

Material Specifications

• Carbon fiber T300 Fabric / Uni-directional material

    – Tensile Strength – 800 – 1900 MPa

    – Tensile Modulus – 150 – 250 GPa


   – Matt Carbon Fiber finish

   – Luster epoxy/gelcoat finish

   – Other finishes available by request

Light-weight Engineering

The custom – made trays strictly adhere to all specifications as per OEM installation manuals and follow all guidelines. Our designs can be tested, benchmarked and RMCA certified as required, including:

• 3D solid modeling

• Structural analysis

• Environmental qualification testing

• Custom designs – Light weight, high precision, ruggedized, non-corrosive – each design tested for loads and environmental conditions as per MIL- STD-810D or MIL- STD-810F/ JSS55555

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